International co-operation

The Kouvola Region Vocational College is actively involved in co-operation with colleges and employers internationally. Within the remit of the Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects, we annually send about 100 students from the institute’s different sectors to complete their on-the-job training abroad. This is financed jointly from the Leonardo da Vinci project and from our own funds.

The partner countries are Germany, Spain, Holland, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Iceland, Russia, Denmark and Sweden.

Each year, we receive 30-50 foreign students, who come to Finland either to complete their on-the-job learning period in placements arranged by the college or to study in the different sectors of the college. Most of these students come from Germany and Spain.

The Kouvola Region Vocational College also participates in the Nordplus Junior projects, within the framework of which we carry out short student and teacher exchanges within Nordic countries.

KSAO also coordinates co-operation of Finnish vocational colleges in order to improve  on-the-job learning in Russia and takes part into the networks of India, China and Japan.