International cooperation

International cooperation

  • KSAO holds the VET Mobility Charter
  • Co-operates with colleges and employers internationally
  • Annually around 100 students complete their studies abroad
  • Some 50 teachers take part in job shadowing and project work abroad
  • Each year KSAO hosts about 80 foreign students and 50 teachers
  • The partner countries include: Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Serbia and Sweden.

The activities are financed by projects like Erasmus+, Nordplus Junior, Finnish National Agency for Education and KSAO’s own funds.

Cooperation outside EU:

KSAO coordinates a Russian network of Finnish Vocational Colleges. KSAO is a partner of India, Japan, Singapore networks. Networks improve cooperation, learning at work and job shadowing in countries outside of the European Union.

Further information

Auli Haapajärvi – International coordinator
tel. +358 2061 58809

International team of the college

International projects


Erasmus+ DESCO

Strengthening connection of transport and logistics education with labor market

Erasmus+ EQUITY

Common tools for the education and employment of young immigrants

Erasmus+ Flexible European Learning Pathways

The Erasmus+ funding enables KSAO’s student and staff mobilities in...

Erasmus+ NextSteps@TechVET

NextSteps@TechVET project aims to promote WBL in all its forms

Erasmus+ SEIL

To boost health care education with technical and safety solutions

Erasmus+ We live and experience Europe

To gather and share innovative teaching methods around Europe

Finnish – Russian Network for Vocational Colleges

To train professionals familiar with Russian language and culture

Global VET Network

Gathering experiences of international networks into a common training package

HANAKO Network (Japan)

Development and consolidation of student oriented mutual multidisciplinary cooperation


Improving professional education focused on Russian and Finnish labormarket needs

India Network

To further knowledge on Indian culture and develop multidisciplinary cooperation


To bring growth to the South-Eastern Finland’s industrial base