In the Culture Sector, students can study for a vocational qualification to become artisans in crafts and design or in visual expression.

In the crafts and design field students design and produce individual products and services for customers. An artisan is a professional in traditional methods, and is able to adapt these methods for modern-day requirements.

A vocational qualification in visual expression give students the basic skills in visual and media arts. The qualification is also a gateway for further studies. The main emphasis is on painting, but at the same time students familiarise themselves with graphic arts, photography and sculpture, for example.

Vocational Qualifications in:

  • Crafts and Design, Artisan
    Study programmes:
    Restoration and Upholstery, Traditional Painting and Joinery,Textiles and Clothing Design and Production, Styling, Jewellery and Small Articles, Tutoring for Crafts and Hobbies
  • Visual Expression, Visual Artisan
    Study programme: 
    Visual and Media Arts, Painting



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