Kouvola Region Vocational College

Kouvola Region Vocational College is a multi-disciplinary college where about 3,000 young an adult people study.Staff number is about 200.

At the Vocational College, over 60 different vocational upper secondary, further vocational and specialist vocational qualifications can be studied for.  Continuing education, short courses and training for immigrants complement our offering.

Studying at a vocational college has become more and more popular amongst youngsters. About half of the areas school leavers apply for vocational studies. We work in close co-operation with the economic markets demands. Changes in the labour market have a direct impact on our education programmes. International co-operation, development projects and quality frame work are an essential part of our activities and help us to develop our education.

Life-long learning is important for us. In addition to the vocational upper secondary qualifications, we also provide education for adult students.

Study sectors are Humanities and Arts, Business, Administration and Law, Natural Sciences, ICT, Technology, Service, Health and Wellness and  Agriculture and Forestry.
Along with studying for a vocational qualification, it is also possible to take the state matriculation examination.
The college also provides good opportunities for further education.

Study paths for youngsters and adults
•    Joint application system mainly for youngsters
•    Vocational upper secondary qualifications
•    Combination studies (vocational + matriculation certificates)
•    Preparatory education for vocational training (VALMA)
•    Non-stop application system
•    Competence-based vocational upper secondary, further vocational   and specialist vocational qualifications
•     Short and updating courses

Studying at vocational college is very practical and activity based. We have a restaurant, hair- and beautysaloon PikkuSalonki and customer service point Helli for social and health care, where students learn the profession in practice. Other sectors offers also various kind of services such as car repair, building  and renovation, painting and maintenance services. Our students actively take part in different kind of events, exhibitions and shows, competitions and international co-operation

Combination studies
At KSAO, it is possible to take not only vocational studies but also studies required for the matriculation examination.

A student may study for:
• a vocational upper secondary qualification
• the matriculation examination
• the entire upper secondary school syllabus, entitling the student to an upper secondary school leaving certificate

Working life co-operation is important and on-the-job learning is a part of studies. New courses have been started with an ear to the needs of working life.

Part of the workplacement can be experienced abroad.

International on-the-job training
KSAO is actively involved in co-operation with colleges and employers internationally. We annually send some 100 students to complete their on-the-job training and some 50 teachers for job shadowing abroad.

KSAO holds the VET Mobility Charter.

The partner countries are Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Croatia, Cypros, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Malta, Spain, Sweden, Russia and the Netherlands.

The activities are financed by mobility projects like Erasmus+, Nordplus Junior, Finnish National Agency for Education and from KSAO’s own funds. Each year KSAO receives some   80 foreign students and 50 teachers to Finland.

Co-operation with countries outside EU
• KSAO coordinates Russian network of Finnish Vocational Colleges
• KSAO is a partner of India, Japan, Malesia and Taiwan networks
• The aim of the networks is to improve co-operation, workplacement and job shadowing to countries outside European Union.

International projects
Erasmus+ Mobility projects
• Flexible European Learning Pathways
• European Skills and Competences for Social and Health Care

Erasmus+ Partnership projects
• European Learning Pathways for Social and Health Care
• First Things First, hairdressers´ safe working methods
• Vocational Education and Training in the Working World 4.0 – VET 4.0
• Erasmus+ for Security E4S, safety and security
• Hospital Cleaners’ Innovative Training, HIT

Development Activities
Development of education is an important part of the work we do in Kouvola Region Vocational College. The biggest projects are normally funded by EU-programs like ESF, European Social Fund or ERDF, European Regional Development Fund. Some other projects are funded for example by National board of education and Ministry od Education and Culture

Pedagogical development
• The curriculums in vocational education are changing in Finland and many of our ongoing projects aim to help this change.
• Flexible study paths
• Preventing early school leaving
• Work-based VET
• Apprenticeship studies
• New Learning Environments

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