Education in Finland

Vocational upper secondary education
and training

The Kouvola Region Vocational College provides vocational upper secondary education and training in seven different sectors and nearly 60 different professions. The vocational qualification consists of 120 credits and is completed in three years. Each degree includes a final project and six months of on-the-job learning. The on-the-job learning takes place in private enterprises. Some of the students have the opportunity to experience part of their on-the-job learning abroad.

While studying for a vocational qualification, students can also pass the state matriculation examination.

All the upper secondary vocational qualifications lead to a profession and give eligibility for further studies.

KSAO Adult Education Centre offers further vocational qualifications, specialist vocational qualifications and courses. Adults can study for qualifications through e.g.
In-service training; Apprenticeship training; Competence test
system; and Labour market training (adult employment training).